"To learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living; the principles are the same." Martha Graham

Work With Me

I work privately and in groups, offer LIVE classes, both in-person and virtually, and offer customized as well as recorded sessions.

I recommend a private session, an initial assessment. I'll get a chance to hear your needs and desires as well as watch you move. We can clarify your intentions as well as identify parameters and limitations.

From there we design an efficient program that meets your needs! Most often these are interdisciplinary.

Private/Custom Sessions

When you have specific needs, it is best to meet them if we can! I have designed programs for daily interaction, made recordings ranging from 7-75 minutes, can be available in my space or yours, and travel for individuals, groups and businesses. Need help deciding what's appropriate? Let's chat!

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Teaching Schedule

Come back soon for my schedule of in-person and virtual public classes.

Come back soon!


I offer LIVE practices Mon-Fri at 8:00amET. These 15-20 minute sessions focus on calm, the relaxation response, the parasympathetic nervous system. If you are unable to meet at that time, you'll also find a library of these sessions. Find a weekly playlist or choose by practice; guided relaxation, humming, single and alternate nostril breathing, paced breathing, resilience, sound healing, Restorative/Yin yoga. Click the link and SUBSCRIBE while you're there!

Link to YouTube

Enroll in a Course

If you are looking for on-going work and don't mind being on your own for at least a portion of the time, one of the course offerings may be just what you're looking for! While some are self-guided, others utilize Facebook groups or weekly check-in meetings. Click here to browse the library and schedule.