Bodywork is used as both
an evaluative and a treatment modality.

You will learn how to "get in touch" with your body and "hear what your body is telling you" from a different point of view.

Begin Somatic Processing with simple touch and awareness.

Lisa combines many methods to work as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker.
(FL, MA42488, MM32568)

She is trained in styles from around the globe, with techniques rooted in both western science and eastern philosophies, and from various body perspectives
(physical, subtle/energetic, psycho-emotional, spiritual).

Lisa includes sound and vibrational therapy in her inventory of modalities.

She incorporates crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and voice
to assist in locating physical limitation and inducing calm.

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"We are often told to just feel but are not given
practical ways for doing so. We must nurture this balance of discipline and freedom."

Somatic Processing

Experience Your StoryTM

Like an unwelcome houseguest, pain, illness, limiting conditions, and your "stories" can take up residence in your body.

You can ignore them. Talk over them. Holler at them. Plot and plan against them.
Yet they remain.

What if you could do differently?

Lisa will help you inquire into your body's pain, your limiters to success, the perceptions that have become your reality, your wounds, and other stories that could use a new ending. She will play mediator between you and your unwelcome guest.


 "To remove the bodily effects of trauma, we must take time to listen to, understand, experience, and feel it. Only then can it be released."

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