Your body has a language of its own.

We often tell our stories, the stories as our mind remembers them, over and over again hoping we can relieve emotional and physical pain, change a behavior, live better, BE...better. 
But your body remembers the story in a way that goes beyond words. It feels, senses, moves, and reacts
Somatic Processing. Integrated body-based therapy. Without the talk.
Healing through feeling.

We all Have a Sense

of what we should be doing on this "road to wellness,"
but is your path leading to a place you'd like to reside?

Does your "wellness journey" keep you walking a similar path,
getting the same results?

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy each step along the way."  Wayne Dyer

Our very "dance of life" involves healing, and our body's aim to mend is a natural one.

Western medicine often views only the physical body and sees pathologies that need to be fixed.


Underneath there is a Healthy Self, a True Self, your Essence, the SELF with whom we have lost contact.

"If you believe that healing is possible, you believe that the self, YOUR SELF, was never lost. You can not recover that which you didn't have. You may have depressed it, repressed it, medicated it, be looking in the wrong place...but you didn't lose it." Lisa

And like a good partner in dance, they always come back together.

Lisa Jamison

will assist you as you recover your inner sense, your nature, your soul, your Self.
Using proven tools and strategies, Lisa will facilitate the re-connection.
She'll support you as you restructure the internal relationships between limits + freedom, logic + expression, form + spirit, purpose + play.
And as the new relationship of perception + reality is altered, Lisa will be there with new "dance" combinations.
"Take the I out and replace with WE,
Illness becomes Wellness"  Unknown 

It's about relationships.

You with your Self, your ego with your soul, your mind with your body.

It begins with compassion and benevolence.

And your outside guidance should come in the same form.

Lisa will coach you through connection, freedom, creativity, emotion and meaning; the beautiful dance of a life full of vitality.

Inquiry + Breath + Movement + Bodywork

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